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Roses that last for Years - A memory that lasts a lifetime Roses That Last Over 365 Days

About Us

La Fleur Bouquets is a luxury rose boutique specializing in Lifetime flowers that last for years!

As the leader of boxed roses, we aim to change how roses are gifted. We offer modern, Parisian style bouquets filled with the most vibrant roses. We specialize in enhanced roses that will last up to one year without any water. Our unique preservation process ensures your bouquet will keep the look and feel of fresh roses month after month. Each bouquet is delivered in a custom designed keepsake box with a hand stamped wax logo.

The roses are grown in our farm in Ecuador. The volcanic region, elevation, and climate contribute to the growth of the largest, strongest and most beautiful roses available to purchase.

Each rose is a beautiful Red Amadeus Ecuadorian roses, a specific type that can have upwards of 50 petals per bloom, unlike more traditional 30-petal flowers.

The complicated creation process involves trimming the roses at the peak of their bloom, and adding a trade secret solution to prevent any continued blooming.

After preservation process, the blooms are re-infused with oils and wax to preserve their shape. From there, the roses are given the final touch by floral stylists who hand paint the metallic roses and arranges each custom bouquet.

Whether you are looking for a more creative "Thank you" or a simple, sweet "I love you" La Fleur delivers a box of roses guaranteed to leave an everlasting impression!

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