Bridal Grande Reflex - Something Blue

Introducing the extraordinary bridal collection from La Fleur Bouquets, the perfect gift for a couple embarking on a lifelong journey of love and togetherness. Our reflexed lifetime roses, artfully arranged in a pearlescent hat box, are a symbol of eternal devotion and a heartfelt gesture that will be cherished forever. This bouquet features a singular blue rose to fulfill the wedding day tradition of "something blue".

As you consider the ideal gift for the couple, nothing captures the essence of enduring love quite like our Lifetime Roses. Each rose has been meticulously handpicked at its peak, carefully preserved using our revolutionary technique, ensuring that their beauty remains intact for a lifetime. These magnificent blooms radiate timeless elegance and capture the magic of the couple's special day.

Imagine presenting the couple with a stunning bouquet of reflexed lifetime roses, nestled within a pearlescent box. The velvety petals of these roses, gracefully curving outward, reflect the profound love and vulnerability shared between two people embarking on the beautiful journey of marriage. It is a gift that embodies sophistication, romance, and the promise of everlasting love.

The La Fleur Bouquets bridal collection allows the couple to embrace the enchantment of fresh flowers without the worry of them wilting or fading. These reflexed lifetime roses require no maintenance, allowing the couple to bask in their beauty and cherish them as a symbol of their enduring commitment. Unlike traditional flowers, these roses will remind them of the love and joy that surrounded their wedding day.

Whether displayed as elegant centerpieces or adorning their home, these reflexed lifetime roses exude a magical aura that encapsulates the couple's unique love story. The pearlescent box serves as a treasured keepsake, a timeless memento that will forever remind them of your thoughtful gesture and the love they share.

Choose La Fleur Bouquets' bridal collection of reflexed lifetime roses and embark on a journey of gifting eternal beauty. Let these everlasting blossoms be a heartfelt reminder of the couple's love and the lasting memories they will create together. Celebrate their union in style, knowing that these exquisite roses will remain as captivating as the moment they said, "I do."


Overall Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 11 inches