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  • Mother of Pearl - Sage Set
  • Mother of Pearl - Sage Set
  • Mother of Pearl - Sage Set
  • Mother of Pearl - Sage Set
  • Mother of Pearl - Sage Set
  • Mother of Pearl - Sage Set
  • Mother of Pearl - Sage Set

Mother of Pearl - Sage Set


For thousands of years, Egyptian artisans have been creating beautiful pieces of home decor using an inlaid Mother-of-Pearl technique. Inlay is a decorative technique in which craftsmen lay materials of contrasting colors and textures to form a pattern.  The abundance of seashells on the Red Sea coast led to the adaptation of Mother-of-Pearl in design crafts. In its inception, inlay work was used to adorn wooden shrines with hieroglyphical and figural elements. Today, inlaid mother-of-pearl can be found on jewelry boxes, trays, tables and more. The artisan begins with beech wood and forms it into the shape of the desired object. Paua blue shells, white resin and thousands of hand cut pieces of mother of pearl are arranged in an iconic arabesque design, a decorative style used for centuries.

La Fleur Bouquets founder Hagar Elaziz, wanted to pay homage to her heritage. As an Egyptian-American, she wanted to employ artisans from Egypt and incorporate these iconic pieces into her luxurious floral designs. The Mother-of- Pearl Collection features 7 rose colors carefully chosen to complement the Arabesque design and colors. Each box is hand made therefore no two boxes are exactly alike.

In collaboration with Ishfu Boutique, the Mother of Pearl Collection also features a stunning velvet lined keepsake box with 3 hand wrapped sage sticks. Each stage stick is wrapped with white rose petals and topped with a special crystal. A quartz crystal, a pyrite crystal and an evil eye crystal are each individually symbolic of the Ancient and Modern Egyptian cultures. The Ancient Egyptians used Quartz crystals to balance energy in the body. Pyrite was a crystal used in many crafts and still remains a very popular crystal in the region. Lastly, the Evil Eye dates back to Ancient Egyptians and is still very popular amongst the population today. The evil eye amulet has always been used as an added source of protection. Clear your space of negative energy with these spectacular sage sticks! 

Variations in the box patterns may occur as these are individually hand made. 

Box Size: 7x6x4 Inches 



Remove crystals + wire before you burn sage. Open a window in your space to allow the smoke and negative energy a way to escape. Hold the sage stick at a 45 degree angle over a flame proof bowl and light the end with a match. Wait about 20 seconds and then gently blow out the flame so that you see orange embers on the end. Slowly move about your space and cleanse your space.  You do not need to use an entire stick to cleanse your space. It is recommended that you place your sage stick inside of a flame proof bowl rather than holding it with your hands when you are moving through your space.  You can put out the sage by rubbing the smoking part directly into the bowl. 

  • Do not breathe the sage smoke directly.

  • Keep water on hand in case the burn flares out of your control.

  • Do not overfill the areas with lots of smoke.

  • Use at your own risk