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  • Peony Super Petit
  • Peony Super Petit
  • Peony Super Petit

Peony Super Petit


We are proud to announce our newest collection that we have spent the past 3 years working on: Lifetime Peonies! 

Considered to be one of the world's most beautiful flowers, peonies tend to have a very small bloom season from the months of May-June which make them much more elusive. Now you can have peonies in your home year round! 

These peonies are limited edition and once they sell out, they will be gone until next year. Our Lifetime Peonies are available in our signature round boxes in a flat or dome arrangement. 

4 Peonies sit in our Super Petit Box. Size of box: 4x4x4 inch square. 

 *Peonies cannot be removed from the box. Please note that peonies have a range of shades ranging from blush to pink. No two peonies are the same.*